Horse Wormer

Published December 25, 2008 by deendatirtana

Horse Wormer is a drug to kill the parasites in the horse. The medicine is safe and easy form of a liquid in the Inject. A medical horses in the horse tapeworm disease, pinworm, mouth and stomach worms.
Invermectin drugs can not membunun worms bracelet on the horse under the age of 2 years.

If you see your horse on the affected symptoms of intestinal parasites such as it was visible belly bulging, hair looks dirty, experienced a decrease in body weight, colic, diarrhea, not forceful, hampered growth.

If you hesitate to use the horse wormer, fecal egg count tests available through the vet.
Most horses develop a strong resistance to all horse wormers but especially given on a daily basis.


3 comments on “Horse Wormer

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