Published December 31, 2008 by deendatirtana

Lamps in the current function is not only for lighting but also for accessories. Form of Lamps and model also diverse. As well as its color is not white or yellow, but only colorful.
And even the Lamps have also Lamps and Lamp Shades the various options or model material from Lamp Shades is .

Here are some various kinds of choices that often sought lamp are:
Table Lamps Table Lamp to be used in both tables or in the Guest Room Table Bedroom space, form and color is so rich with the price.
Floor Lamps used in the living room and family room in general. Model Floor Lamp placed this stand as a pillar and there are lights on it.
Desk Lamps is usually used to study over a table or desk, and for the lighting needs to be light Desk Lamp, or the appropriate required.

Torchieres this is almost the same shape with different Floor Lamp Just highlight the prevailing lighting lamp Floor Lamp beam down while Torchiere Lamp beam lamp is turned over.

So if you want to buy a lamp choose according to the price that you are able, the model you like and use of the lamp is


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