Baby Feces

Published April 7, 2009 by deendatirtana

feces baby…. Color and form of dirt can reveal the health condition of the small.

The first: a black greenness. 24 hours after birth, the baby will be “pup” alias defecate (BAB). Sewage is the first black general, greenish, and referred to as mekonium.

Mekonium form of liquid consumed during the fetal poppet is still in the womb, and is in the ususnya since 3 months before was born. Immediately after the baby began to suckle, mekonium akan push out, because breastfeeding stimulates the digestive system to begin making small duties.

Changed color and shape. After removing the mekonium, issued the pup will change color and shape, according to the composition of the compound in breastmilk you give him. Following the transition and changes color based on the nutrition of breastmilk Feed:

  • Forming liquid or yellow-green. Usually this is a transition between the dirt and dirt mekonium made from “waste” ASI. Dirt like this out for a few days after the baby is born.
  • Shaped like a grain of rice, bright yellow and smells a bit sour. This is usually the faeces produced after the baby is breastfed regularly consume.
  • Shaped rather dense, pale yellow or yellow-brown, slightly sour smell sharp. This is the sewage generated by the baby of the sufor (formula milk), in addition to breastmilk.
  • Forming liquid, without grounds, and green. This is the appearance of feces indicates that the small experience diarrhea.
  • Shaped flat like goat dung, solid and hard, blackish color. This is how the dirt signifies that the baby has constipation.

If you suddenly change the form of baby feces and color reaction with crying and fussy, you need to give extra attention. In particular, give attention to the food and beverages you consume can affect the composition of breastmilk in the nutrition of your production

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