New Born Baby

Published April 7, 2009 by deendatirtana

First weeks

After over 9 months in the womb, the mother warm and comfortable, if not surprising spent the first week to get comfortable with the new world around it. Adjustment efforts can make a mother busy in the weeks first. Because, just like the small, this step becomes the introduction to her mother


When the poppet to open his eyes for the first time, all that is around him still appear blurred and hazy. Mother’s face was new for him when the apparent distance when the distance of 20 – 25 cm from the eyes. Vision system Maternal newborn baby has not been able to focus his eyes on one object. Both eyes will be able to work in harmony in a focused vision of the object after he aged 3-6 months.
After reaching the age of 8 months, the smaller will be able to see the “new world” in the surrounding 3-dimensional perception, such as Mother.

Mother’s milk gives Baby

New born baby’s mother will get the nutrition it needs from the milk give a breastfeeding mother
Plan of the breastfeeding mother will select for the Small, so that its nutritional needs met.

Natural reflex movement

When the baby’s birth mother has a natural reflex movement. Jerk reflex is to be a way to adapt to the environment in early life. Mother can feel when the baby’s mother tried to grasp the finger at Mother Mother touched their hands. The insting it will also turn towards the touch of mother-colored. Or like when the mother put something to his mouth, he immediately tried to suck it.

New Born Baby massage

Massage is the best way to help make baby’s mother rileks. Massage also developed a strong emotional bond between mother both.

Despite Mother not advanced massage, gentle movement that will make the mother give the baby comfortable even asleep. But Mother can not know if he was comfortable. Use only pure organic oil that is safe and gentle on baby’s skin and not harmful if eaten accidentally baby.


Will communicate with the baby through the mother weeping. Crying is one of the baby’s natural reflex as a way to communicate a little with the most effective, because with it he immediately got a response that will give a sense of security and comfort. In the first weeks, a baby crying can be a protest or an emergency call. Mother will soon learn to know why a baby crying Mother Mother and the smart address

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